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Best Electrical Safety auditor 

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for Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai region

·        CSR Consultant - Energy Audit (Saving the electricity bill minimum 5%-30%)

·        CSR Consultant - Electrical safety audit (Prevention for any any emergency)

·        CSR Consultant - Safety audit (Prevention for Human and Property Loss)

·        CSR Consultant - Electrical bill analysis and recommendations with full APFC Panel design

·        CSR Consultant - Electrical power quality testing including hormonics (by Power analyser)

·        CSR Consultant - Thermography testing ( For fault and fire Prevention)

·        CSR Consultant - Earth pit resistance value and earth leakage current Checking (For equipment's and human protection by latest Earth clamp meter)

·        CSR Consultant - Electrical Project work( Provide quality work with clients satisfaction)

·        CSR Consultant - Electrical work inspection( As per second party and Third party Inspection)

·        CSR Consultant - Electrical System commissioning and testing(As per Consultant and Client Design base)

·        CSR Consultant - Electrical Maintenance( Provide one time maintenance, electrical AMC and CAMC as per Client requirements).

Electrical audit in Mumbai by CSR

Electrical audit in Navi Mumbai by CSR

Electrical audit by high tech instruments by CSR

Fire audit by CSR

Electrical auditor with euipments / instruments for testing at Housing societies by CSR

Thermal imaging for detection of heating elements or temperature rise

Electrical audit by CSR consultant and Associates

Internal areas thermal imaging by CSR team of engineers

DBs checked by CSR team of electrical engineers

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CSR Consultant and Associates: 

An CSR electrical audit is simply an audit or calculation of how much electricity you are using in your premises and of where that electricity is going. 

CSR Electrical Safety Audits are conducted by qualified and experienced professionals who are trained to identify and mitigate any potential hazards. 

Risk in electrical work is higher than any other job. Any flaw in electrical circuit in the workplace could make the system less efficient or put the lives of employees at higher risk. People involved in the electrical job should remain high alert for each and every second. 

CSR Electrical audits help Companies, Industries, Hospitals, Commercial establishments and Residential complexes to optimize their systems and resources. In order to promote operational excellence, it is necessary to go beyond simple conventional auditing. You should not settle for switching traditional lighting to low-energy bulbs, you should work on finding customized solutions. It is at this point, where CSR, as experts in the optical light sector and energy efficiency, can help you by defining the problems that are affecting the safety and maintenance programs by developing highly efficient solutions. The electrical audit allows:

• Improve the safety of people and equipment and / or facilities.

• Detect risks, reduce incidents and resolve inadequate procedures.

• Reduce operational costs. – Improve productivity.