"CSR Consultant and Associates"

Best Electrical Safety auditor

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for Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai region

· CSR Consultant - Energy Audit (Saving the electricity bill minimum 5%-30%)

· CSR Consultant - Electrical safety audit (Prevention for any any emergency)

· CSR Consultant - Safety audit (Prevention for Human and Property Loss)

· CSR Consultant - Electrical bill analysis and recommendations with full APFC Panel design

· CSR Consultant - Electrical power quality testing including hormonics (by Power analyser)

· CSR Consultant - Thermography testing ( For fault and fire Prevention)

· CSR Consultant - Earth pit resistance value and earth leakage current Checking (For equipment's and human protection by latest Earth clamp meter)

· CSR Consultant - Electrical Project work( Provide quality work with clients satisfaction)

· CSR Consultant - Electrical work inspection( As per second party and Third party Inspection)

· CSR Consultant - Electrical System commissioning and testing(As per Consultant and Clint Design base)

· CSR Consultant - Electrical Maintenance( Provide one time maintenance, electrical AMC and CAMC as per Clint requirements).

Contact: 9323547766 Email: csrelectricauditor@gmail.com Talk to Expert: Mr. Rajesh Baru