Structural audit report of buildings in Mumbai Thane and Navi Mumbai is carried by Licensed structural engineers approved by Municipal corporation. Structural audit check list is the first step towards the building repair and painting works to be undertaken.

Most housing societies and managing committees can understand the process with sample report as per Society bye laws defined by various municipal corporation. Proforma B format is the basic document defined to understand building structural repair estimation.

The building repair and restoration with painting works costs are defined in this report. Various building repair treatment and solutions are presented in the structural audit report. Budget for the repairs with brief Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is also to be defined in the report. Most of the societies do not receive this part from various consultants. Pl ensure that the budget item wise is provided in the report itself to take informed decisions. 

CSR Consultant and Associates also provides specialised audits like Electrical audit and Fire audit for most of the large housing societies and commercial complexes.

Licensed experienced Structural auditor:

Under NMMC BMC TMC PMC MMC municipal act have clearly mentioned in their books about the Proforma B format that contains every minute detailing about the building structure like Terrace, Chajjas, Plumbing, RCC elements, Structural and non-structural distress and damages, paint flaking, last repair carried, details for the last repairs carried whether tenantable repairs or full-fledged civil repair. 

CSR Consultant and Associates are structural auditors with experienced engineers providing structural audit report at reasonable fees, services conducted in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai areas as per the prescribed Proforma B format, as its purpose is clearly defined in the checklist 

Scaffolding For exterior surface for waterproofing coating

External waterproof application

stamp concreting under guidance of csr consultant team of engineers

Podium waterproofing with stamp concreting

Experts of Civil Structural audit and repair engineer Engineering, Architectural, and Surveying Services for building restoration costing, PMC, Tender Management, Contractor selection process, Periodic site reporting, Time Management and Cost Management approved by various Municipal Corp MCGM, TMC, KDMC, NMMC. 

Waterproof painting in Vashi by CSR

Structural repair in Vashi by CSR

Old societies structural audit by CSR

Structural audit for bldgs in Navi Mumbai by CSR Consultant and Associates team of structural engineer

Structural audit for Hiranandani complex buildings by CSR Consultant and Associates

Structural audit and Redevelopment feasibility study for Navi Mumbai buildings by CSR Consultant & Associates

Energy Auditor by CSR Consultant and Associates

Electrical Safety Auditor by CSR Consultant and Associates

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